pwyc spells and energy work

pwyc spells and energy work

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I am offering spells and energy work by consultation & donation. I was attuned to the Reiki Master Teacher level, and using this knowledge, as well as my own explorations in witchcraft and energy work, I am excited to provide the community with accessible options for receiving this work.

A consultation before purchasing through DM or email is encouraged, so that I can target exactly what you'd like to get done, and for more elaborate work, give you a smaller suggested PWYC range. During this consultation, we will also decide on how you'd like the work to be delivered.

Spells and energy work sessions can be pre-recorded and delivered via unlisted YouTube video, so only those with the link will be able to access. You may feel the effects as soon as the video is recorded, but following along with the recorded meditation/intention will give you a deeper experience and open you up to intuitive insights around your energy body. You can watch the video however many times you like, and the energy will flow for as long as you need it to! 

Sessions can also be done in real time through zoom by request, or skip the session, get a written summary, and/or pick up your spell ingredients from my studio (downtown Toronto). 

All this work is done with the best and highest healing intention in mind. I will never force or attack anything, only encourage flow and positivity. my insights will always be practical and honest, never dooming. I will never tell you to come back for more sessions or say that you’re cursed - I only work with positive intent, always honouring your boundaries and capacities. I may reject requests for certain spells due to ethical or cultural reasons, but will always offer an appropriate alternative.